happy boy in eyeglasses over eye chart

It’s Children’s eye health and safety time 

And it’s also the time when we are sending our kids back to school. Now is the time to get your student to Coffman Vision Clinic for a comprehensive eye exam.

While students may receive a vision screening at school, it’s important to note that a vision screening and comprehensive eye exam are not the same thing.

Up to fifty percent of vision problems go undiagnosed during a vision screening.

With over 30 thousand students in Central Oregon, that’s a lot of students missing out on getting the most out of their education.

Eighty percent of your child’s learning is visual, making a comprehensive eye exam by an eye doctor incredibly important.

Call us to book your appointment today at Coffman Vision. Get your student seeing their best, and help supply backpacks and school supplies to Central Oregon Students at the same time.

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